Mary Dean’s CE Primary Sport Funding Statement

Primary Sport funding is given to all schools to promote sport in addition to the curriculum. It is based on a per-pupil calculation

It is intended that schools enrich and enhance their focus on PE and sport by using this funding.

Primary Sports Premium 

What is this funding and what is its purpose?

The government is providing additional funding to improve provision of Physical Education and sport in primary schools.

 This funding is provided jointly by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.

Please see the documents below which give further details of our aims and areas where we have utilised this funding





P.E. Partnerships

Mary Deans Primary School are part of the Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership whose vision is…

“…to create a sustainable PE, School Sport and Physical Activity system as part of the health and well being provision for all children and young people. Our MISSION is to positively impact on the lives of every child and young person attending Partnership schools and their parents/carers through the opportunities that we provide to help them achieve more in life and at school. We promote the Olympic and Paralympic VALUES of Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality.”

We also part of the School Games network and as such are part of a national project that aims to get more young people participating and engaged in sports and competition. For more information about the School Games please click on the hyperlink above. As part of our sports programme the PSSP run School Games events at regular intervals in the academic year to enable our young people to engage in various level of completion. For upcoming events or to read some of our blogs, please visit and search for our school.

Community Sports 

Click here to find your local sports clubs 



2017-2018 Pupil Premium Strategy - Click here


Schools may choose how the funding is allocated.


For the academic year 2017-2018 the school will receive Sport funding of £18,600

At Mary Dean’s CE Primary, we have chosen to use our Sport funding in the following ways:

  • Membership of Plymouth’s Sports Partnership

  • Transport to sports competitions

  • Supply to cover staff taking children to sports competitions

  • Matched funding for every pupil’s entry into the Schools’ Challenge half marathon event

  • Maths of the day subscription

  • Play leader to teach PE during lunch breaks to KS1 and KS2 children

  • Sports equipment

  • PE coordinator release time to book sports events, book transport to sports events, write letters inviting children to sports events and order sports equipment

  • Provide a qualified coach for football after school club

  • Provide coaches for sports week

  • Buy tops for teachers to wear when teaching PE


We plan to allocate our funding for 2017-2018 as follows:

Plymouth Sports Partnership - £3,500

Transport to events - £500

Supply to cover staff taking children to sports events - £500

Matched funding for entry into half marathon - £750

Maths of the day subscription (Active Maths planning and resources for the whole school) - £495

Play leader - £2000

Sports equipment - £2000

PE Coordinator release time - £960

Football Coach - £750

Sports week coaches - £500

Staff tops - £250

Initial planned expenditure - £12,205

Total allowed expenditure - £18,600

Sport Premium 2019-2020
Sport Premium 2020-2021

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