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Tamerton Foliot is a historic village, recorded as early as the 6th century and incorporated into Plymouth City in 1951. Mary Dean’s Church of England School has been situated on three sites in the village since it was first established. Dame Mary Dean of Maristow was the eldest daughter of Sir James and Lady Elizabeth Modyford. The school was opened in 1722 as a charity school to be run as a Church of England Foundation. This was Tamerton Foliot’s first school and educated twenty boys. In 1798, ten girls were admitted. The school was endowed on her death in 1734 when she left a sum of money and the rent of a farm in Tavistock to support the school. In 1877 the school moved to Rock Hill and held 140 children. It is now located in the third school building to bear the name, built in 1974/5 by Devon Education Authority and officially opened by Lord Roborough in May 1976. There is now a plaque on the wall of the original school, which is known as ‘Hillside’. This picture of Mary Dean was incorporated within the school logo and remains in a more modern form.

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