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Applying for a nursery place

Please complete the below form and return it to the school office or email
Acceptance of this form does not by itself guarantee that a place can be made available or that the preferred sessions can be offered. The school office will contact you to arrange an induction meeting with the nursery teacher, in the term prior to starting nursery. This will include an opportunity for a short visit to the nursery which will help your child to become familiar with the environment and help them to start forming relationships with staff and the other children. 

Funding Information

Children are funded for 15 hours per week from the term following their 3rd birthday. Children can start at nursery from 3 years old, if parents wish to pay for sessions. Some parents are entitled to ‘extended’ funding or 30 hours funding. Please speak with the school office if you think you are eligible for this funding.

When will my child be eligible for funding?

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Funding support and information

Click the links below for more support and information regarding childcare funding
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