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OUr children's voices

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This blog is for you to share your best moments at home and at school.

If it is important to you, we would love to see it.

Do you have a hobby?

What makes you laugh?

What was your favourite holiday?

Do you have any crazy pets?

What are you reading?

Have you had fun with your grown-ups?

What are you proud of?

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School Haiku

by Freya Yr4

 I‘ve   liked   lookdown    (5)

 even now   it is   difrant  (7)

 I   get  my Own   desk!   (5)

When lockdown started it was SOOOO fun as we got to stay home all the time (which is a first for me) . I was not very well the last week before lockdown so I did not go school.


Iv missed a lot of exciting events in 2020 mostly in May i was Tamerton Foliot May Queen and i'm hoping i can do it next year as iv been trying for year also i was meant to go to Florida for TWO weeks. I'm lucky my birthday is in October. 


I'm not a big fan of home schooling as i struggle to focus doing work at home. Before lockdown i  had to do tutor work and i couldn't just sit down and focus


I haven't missed much but here are some of them: Cinema; family; shopping centers; Phoebe(my best friend across the street) and takeaways! 


I liked having netflix because i never was aloud it before but i have so much spare time now so i'm aloud!!! The thing iv liked the most is STAYING AT HOME i love to be in pajamas all day  its amazing the way it makes me feel.


By Megan Yr5

When lockdown started, I was happy because I could stay at home with my family.

It was my birthday in lockdown and I was sad because I couldn't go out.

I found home learning difficult because I wanted to do other things at home. I was worried about going back to school.

I missed seeing my friends and going out to play.

What I liked about lockdown was being able to stay in my pyjamas, not having to wake up for school and being at home safe with my family.

By Cairon Yr4


By Alex Yr2

I'm happy because I can spend mor time with the rabits. I wasent woreed because we stayed safe inside. I think howm skool is bad because it is triceeer. I have missed snack time and play dates.

A lockdown birthday for Evie Yr3


Lockdown Haiku

By Avara Yr4


Haven’t seen my friends,  (5)

excited to see them next,  (7)

can’t wait to hug them!     (5)

Did anybody accepted this challenge?

Lockdown has been scary

We're not aloud on a ferry

We're not even aloud to share a berry

Schools have closed

Some people have a runny nose

But don't give up just yet

There is still a lot to get

To receive you must believe

That this will be over soon.

By Kieran Yr4

I felt sad when lockdown started because I missed all my friends.

I wasn't worried about it because I had my family.

I liked doing some learning at home but I just wanted to play with my toys.

I was really excited to go back to school and see my friends.

I missed going outside but the good thing is being at home with my family every day and being able to play with my toys.

By Caycie-Jo Reception


Family time haiku

I had lots of fun, (5)

Family time felt beautiful, (7)

Back to school it is. (5)


By Tomas Yr4


Q: How did you feel when lockdown happened?

A: Hmmmm sad.

Q: Did you have any worries/ surprises/ special moments turning lock down? 

A: Daddy got me a trampoline!

Q: How did you feel about going back to school? 

A: Happy! I was excited to see my teacher and some friends.

Q: What did you miss during lockdown?

A: I miss the park and my nannies.

Q: Were there any good things about lockdown? 

A: We grew a wildflower garden and daddy was home a lot :)


By Miles in Reception and Mummy


By McKenna

in Reception


I’ve asked Sophie for her opinion of lockdown. This was her response:


When lockdown started I felt sad because I didn’t like the coronavirus :(

My birthday was during lockdown and it made me sad because I wanted my friends to come to my party but my parents got me cakes, balloons and even let me have ice cream for breakfast.   

I liked home school but I missed the learning at school and my teachers. I missed my friends and family so much during lockdown. Lockdown made me sad but I enjoyed playing and teaching with mummy and daddy. I do get lonely at home when mummy and daddy both have to work and I have to play by myself.


By Sophie in Reception and Mummy

When lockdown started I was a bit confused until I knew what it was all about and why it was happening. I had my birthday during lockdown and I was disappointed that I couldn't go to Go Ape as it was closed. But I'm still happy that I got nice gifts and my mum organized a treasure hunt using clues and other indoor activities which was so much fun. Home schooling is ok but I do prefer to be at school with my friends and when I’m in school it's just easier to write in our books and have things explained to us. If I was in school during lockdown I think it would be different having not many people there and having to stay away from everyone and I would be worried that I would catch coronavirus and having to wash my hands more than I usually do. The things I miss the most would be Gymnastics, Friends and Family. The good thing during lockdown is that I have more time to be in the garden and to play in the pool on sunny days.

By Olivia Yr5

A typical lockdown day with Mum

By William and Harriet


Early morning exercise with Jo Wicks


Such a long climb

A day out in the countryside

I thought lockdown was fun but when I had to go to the hospital for surgery, I was worried that the nurses might have coronavirus.


Home schooling was good. I missed Nanny and Tom during lockdown.

I liked having ice cream and getting the swimming pool out!

During lockdown, I liked walking or scootering/bike riding to the telly tubby hills most days and going up and down the hills and round the roundabout. But i like going to my real school the best!

By Eden in Nursery and Mummy


We've earned this!


Lauren's lockdown birthday and other happy moments :)

The Sound Collector by Avara Yr 4

IMG_1568 (1).jpg

Hands Must Be Washed


Hands must be washed to make them look posh,

Because there are little things on your hands, you can’t see them anywhere not even on pans,

They are called diseases and they give you your sneezes,

There is only one way to get rid of them all and that way is to stay cool!

So every time you can wash your hands, flush them down with water and soap,

Nothing can save them, not even a rope!

So when you touch something that isn’t yours just think a moment and do a pause,

You need to wash your hands every day and all the diseases will stay at bay,

Then you can shout to everyone Hooray!!


By Kieran Yr4

Overheard in the playground:-


'I wish we'd done our Sats.'


'Yeah! Me too.'

image 32 (2).jpeg

Borrowed words:-

Dear Parents,

Don't stress about schoolwork. In September, I will get your children back on track. I am a teacher and that's my superpower. What I can't fix is social/emotional trauma that prevents the brain from learning. So right now, I just need you to share your calm, share your strength and share your laughter with your children. No kids are ahead. No kids are behind. Your kids are exactly where they need to be; with you!

with love,

All the teachers on planet Earth.

11 November 2020

Bea window.jpg

Thank you to Bea, Evie and Willow in Year 3/4 for sharing their thoughtfully decorated windows with us, in honour  of Remembrance Day. Well done girls. 


   Pudsey says; 

"Happy Children in      Need Day"

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