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The One Hundred Challenge

Here is William's 100 challenge. We
did 100 different jumps on the trampoline
and made a nature picture with 100 things
we found on our walk

Kieran 1.jpg

We hope you are all well. Kieran and Lucia have been missing you all. 


They enjoyed taking part in the 100 challenge and managed 100 gymnastic moves including handstands and cartwheels. 

Freddie 2.jpg

Just wanted to share Freddie's 100 challenge... He has done 100 backflips on the trampoline!

I managed to get a few action shots...

Freddie 1.jpg
Whilst Izaak hasn’t attempted 100 laps on anything, he did complete a 5k run, donate £5 of his pocket money and nominate 5x people to do the same!
Izaak 5k.jpg
Evie has skipped
100 times a day. She has improved massively and can now skip backwards and do tricks!
Isla 1.jpg
Isla 2.jpg

Isla has completed a different 100 challenge for each day

Friday 100 laps on a wiggle scooter

Saturday 100 pogo jumps 

Sunday 100 runs up and down the pavement 

Monday 100 hula hoops

Tuesday 100 doodles 

Wednesday 100 skips 

Thursday 100 jumps 

max 2.jpg

Max has cycled 100 times around the car park.

Well done Max!

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