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Mrs Brown and Mrs Elliot: Science, Maths and History

Today we investigated forces - upthrust / water resistance and air resistance.

Today we completed Tarsia Tables Puzzles as well as activities set by Mrs Brown- on Mathletics -in order to revise and consolidate our prior learning.

Marvellous Moving Greek Chariots!

Today we:

  • Assembled the chassis

  • Strengthened the corners of the chassis with cardboard triangles

  • Attached axle holders to the chassis

  • Added the axles (one with a pulley wheel) and wheels to the chassis

  • Glued a platform onto the chassis for the battery pack

  • Attached the motor to the chassis

  • Mounted the battery pack on the cardboard platform

  • Wired the battery pack to the motor

  • Attached the motor to the pulley wheel with an elastic band

  • Created our chariot surround, which we then attached to the chassis

  • Tested out chariots on the floor!

Today, we completed phase 1 of the construction process of our Greek Chariots. We measured, cut and sanded quadrant to make our chassis.

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