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Mary Dean’s is a member of the Children’s University!

What is it?


The Children's University is a national organisation offering children aged 5-14 an exciting and innovative programme of high quality learning opportunities, with a focus on rewarding participation, raising aspirations and encouraging engagement with learning.


What do the children need?


The children will need a passport which can be obtained from the school office (free of charge for a limited period) to record their attendance at activities. The passport may be passed to the office when an awards level has been reached. The appropriate certificate will be presented to the child in school.



Where can Children use their passports?


At validated ‘Learning Destinations’, these may be clubs at school or more public destinations such as Plymouth District Scouts, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth Youth Music Service,The Ski Cente, local libraries or the Mountbatten Watersports Centre. All these Destinations have been checked for quality by a team of nationally trained validators and will display the following logo.


How does it work?


Once they become members of the Children’s University, they are encouraged to progress through the national certification scheme, based on their number of hours of attendance throughout their involvement with the Children’s University. Bronze, silver and gold certificates are awarded at CU Undergraduate, CU Postgraduate and CU Doctorate levels, rewarding participation in CU learning from 30 to 1000 hours. Honorary certificates are also awarded for outstanding achievement and commitment. 


What are the benefits?


The 2010 national evaluation undertaken by Cambridge University found that:


1.Being in the Children’s University significantly improves school attendance.


2. Achievement is significantly better at Key Stages 1 to 3 for children who participate in Children’s University compared with non-attenders.


3. The further children engage with Children’s University, the better their attendance and achievement.


4. Children’s University provides an environment for self-driven, confident and collegial learning.


5. Children’s University provides a safe haven and models positive relationships.


6. Pupils and teachers testify to life changing experiences.


7. ‘ Opportunity costs’ are high for children in disadvantaged areas who do not attend Children’s University.


8. Certificates, credits, Passports To Learning and graduations are valued incentives and rewards.


9. University settings help to inspire and raise aspirations for children, and their parents.


10. Children’s University has helped to “make learning a reality beyond academic studies.”


For more information about Children's University please follow this link - Click here.


Children's University - Hours of Activities Guidelines


Children can receive a maximum of 10 hours per term, or 30 hours in a year in school term time.


This equates to one stamp (hour of activity) per week, per activity.


Facebook Page:

Please find a link to our Facebook Page here, we have been posting challenges, activities and updates:


Online Resources for CU Students:

Please find our list of online resources that you can still utilise:

Cornwall learning destinations 

Teignbridge / Torbay learning destinations 

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